Wellness Therapies

Meditation is an important tool in maintaining wellness and has been a key discipline in all of the ancient spiritual traditions.  It not only alleviates the effects of stress and promotes healing within the body,  even basic meditation techniques can facilitate tremendous spiritual growth allowing one to easily access their own innate wisdom.  The benefits of meditation impact the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Studies have shown that a
​simple meditation practice of 5 - 10 minutes daily​ results in a happier, healthier, more loving state of being. 
Meditation classes are offered regularly for both the beginner and more experienced initiates.
Please refer to the information listed below for details on upcoming classes.​​
​​ The Divine Self


Tuesday January 30th
7:30 p.m. 

This 6 week series explores development of the inner aspects of your Divine being, expanding awareness and creating powerful change within  through the wisdom of your Soul. 
Previous meditation experience is required for those who wish to attend this class.
Class fee:  $25