Wellness Therapies

The Winter season is rapidly approaching and the New Year will start off under the powerful influence of 3 Supermoons.  This phenomenon will enhance the energies generated by the Moon, and has the potential to create instability, change and upheaval in our world​​

January 31st presents us with the most powerful moon of the three as it is a Supermoon as well as a Blue Moon, being the second full moon in the month. Just to add an extra punch of celestial energy there will also be a Lunar Eclipse.  That should stir us all up nicely  

​Setting intentions and goals for each day enables us to maneuver through these influential energies with a sense of balance,  peace and calm as we generate the energies we desire through our thoughts, words and actions

May you and your loved be blessed in this coming year with great Happiness, Health and the energies of Love, Peace and Joy   

​Wednesday January 31st
Full Moon Pipe Ceremony
In honour of this celestial event, I am hosting a Ceremonial evening of meditation and a traditional Native Pipe Ceremony at my residence in Carlisle.  If you are interested in attending, please register with me via phone or email 

​Earth my Body
Water my Blood
Air my Breath
​Fire my Spirit